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High Brightness Sunlight Readable LCD Monitors – Window Displays

Hyundai IT’s range of high brightness Window LCD Displays are designed as indoor digital signage solutions. They particularly suit installation for venues where direct sunlight / high ambient light presents an issue.

Some sample installation sites include outside facing windows which get direct sunlight. These may be in places such as Real Estate offices, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) and Retail shopfronts. Through smart design and the standard included features, you have a reliable and purpose built sunlight readable LCD solution.

The standard range of sizes of our high brightness LCD monitors are 32″, 46″ and 55″. There is also a customised model available in 75″, and an ultra bright 5,000 nits 46″.

All models feature wide 178° viewing angles. This makes them suitable for both portrait and landscape orientation.

A Quarter Wave Plate (QWP) polariser has also been incorporated into the sunlight readable LCD panel. This prevents the blackout effect, when viewers are wearing polarised glasses. The blackout effect is commonly seen with polarised glasses on standard type LCD outdoor video monitors mounted in portrait orientation.

The result of a well installed sunlight readable LCD display screen, is a clear and bright image for all viewers.

Please click here for more detailed specifications on the range of Hyundai High Brightness Window Displays

High Contrast / High Brightness 2,500 nits Sunlight Readable LCD screens give you a clear image, even in direct sunlight.

High TNi 110ºdeg Liquid Crystal to prevent blackouts typically caused by overheating. i.e direct sunlight.
Designed for 24/7 operation in both landscape and portrait orientation.

On and Off timer that is an easy to use adjustable feature. It allows you to automatically switch on and off the high bright LCD monitor at a particular time.

Auto Brightness Sensor, adjusts the brightness of the monitor automatically, according to the surrounding lighting conditions. This feature considerably reduces power consumption and increases the monitor’s lifetime

Built in Display Power Management Signalling (DPMS) thermal management for protection against overheating through detection of the display temperature and automatic adjustment of cooling fans.
Featuring a wide range of input and outputs including HDMI, DVI, VGA (D-sub) and audio.
RS-232 and IR remote control is also included. Additional options include Displayport, RJ45 and built in speakers.
Let us know if you have any other particular requirements we could incorporate to customise your solution.

Recommended options:

Outdoor kiosk integration (into a payment/info/self-service kiosk):

High brightness and wide temperature LCD panel, Auto brightness sensor,
Optical bonding with laminated glass, IP65 rated front,
Panel mount with extended bezel to make water tight seal with cutout in kiosk.

If you’re after a custom solution, let us know your requirements such as the size and operating environment. Our team will be more than happy to put forward a solution tailored to you.