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Please find application examples for our digital signage display and electronic component products which will be regularly updated on this page.

Public Transport

Communicate up to date information to passengers across all modes of transport with our range of outdoor digital displays. Purpose built for long term reliability and performance, you can be sure to deliver clear and easy to read messages at locations including train stations, bus interchanges and tram stops in all weather conditions.

Digital Advertising

Digital signage can be used to advertise products and services in various settings, including retail stores, shopping centres, airports, stadiums, and many other public places. With the help of digital signage, businesses can create eye-catching and dynamic advertising campaigns that capture the attention of their target audience, deliver personalised and relevant messages to their customers all in real-time. By displaying targeted ads based on the customer, businesses can increase the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and improve their return on investment.

Whether you’re trying to capture foot or motor traffic, speak to us about choosing the right display for your install location. Our purpose built outdoor weatherproof monitors and kiosks can be installed in locations where many other products cannot.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Our range of digital signage solutions for indoor menu, interactive self-serve and outdoor drive thru help customers navigate, choose items and make changes quickly and efficiently. With a digital display you can make real time changes and target promotions and announcements to your customers.

Industrial Automation

Digital displays are essential components in industrial and factory automation, providing crucial information and control of machinery and equipment. In such environments, reliability and long-term availability of components are critical factors in ensuring smooth operations and long term support. Whether you’re looking to integrate a display into a machine or wanting a larger industrial display for factory floor information, contact us for our range of standard and custom display solutions.


Medical devices and equipment commonly feature digital displays for user information and control. Over the years, Manuco Electronics has helped with designing in LCD modules, touchscreens and custom embedded displays for personal and professional medical use. 

Military & Aviation

Displays used for military and aviation type applications typically demand the highest levels of performance and reliability with shock/vibration resistance and wide operating temperatures. Whether you are designing, integrating or after a ready to use high spec display, find out more about our range of options.