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Integrated Solutions

Contact us for more information on how our integrated solutions can fast track your display integration. Whether you are after a kit solution in component form or want all components pre-mounted in an assembled chassis ready for you to bolt in, we will have the right level of product for you.

Component LCD Kits

This is our base level display solution where the LCD module and display controller kit are supplied as components. Components generally include the TFT LCD, A/D board, button board and panel/backlight cables. Depending on your requirement, there can be options such as LED backlight driver, light/temperature sensors, power supplies, remote control and IR sensor etc.

All that you require is your input signal and power, and you have the flexibility to mount each component into your housing.

Embedded Displays

Embedded displays typically comprise of a LCD module integrated with a programmable microcontroller and touchscreen in a compact package. These are available in sizes up to 10.1” and as the graphics and input control (touch) are all embedded there is a cost and time advantage getting your product to market.

Openframe LCD

Our openframe LCD displays allow for easy integration into your product or kiosk.
Essentially, all the display electronics are integrated into a semi assembled chassis making it ready for immediate use. All that is required is your input signal, power and mounting the chassis into your enclosure, case or kiosk.

Panel Mount Monitors & PC

Panel mount monitors simplify integration into your product or kiosk with a full metal chassis including front bezel. They are designed to fit into a cutout and depending on your requirements, there are options for a front only or full monitor IP weatherproof rated chassis. This is an advantage if your housing is not weather sealed, but you require the display to be protected. There are a wide range of add ons including touch functionality, light sensor, enhanced protective glass and optical bonding. 

Industrial Computing

For your industrial computing project needs, we’ve partnered with manufacturers to support products from embedded boards, GPU and industrial motherboards to box level PCs and networking products. They are purpose built for high reliability and performance for industrial automation and digital signage.

Customised Integrated Solutions

If you are looking to design a new digital display or want to integrate a screen into your existing product or kiosk, we have the right solution for you. We have helped our customers across a range of applications including medical, gaming, industrial automation and transportation with customised and fully integrated solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you have design restrictions to work within or are having issues with your current product, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss our options.