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Component Display Solutions

Here at Manuco Electronics, we provide support for a wide variety of display components, including touchscreens, A/D LCD controller cards and accessories, TFT LCD modules.

Whether you are after a replacement or a combination of components to create a solution, we have an extensive range of parts on offer.

TFT LCD modules

We work directly with key TFT LCD manufacturers and by supporting a wide range of LCD modules, have options suited to your requirements and application. Whether you’re designing in a display for a new product or looking for a long term replacement, start by getting the right LCD module.

Display Controller Kits & Accessories

LCD controller cards (A/D boards) are used to provide an interface between TFT LCD modules and common video input signals such as HDMI and VGA. We have a wide range of board options to suit depending on your requirement (combination of various inputs, mechanical size restrictions, wide operating temperature, integration with heat and temperature sensors…). Together with accessories such as OSD button boards, cables and LED backlight drivers, we can supply you with a complete ‘plug and play’ display controller kit.


To add touch functionality to your LCD module, we support a wide range of touch overlays with technologies such as resistive and projected capacitive for indoor and outdoor applications. Specialised models in our lineup include AD Metro’s flagship Ultra glass fronted resistive touch overlays offering higher levels of protection and not impacted by gloved use.
Matching touch controllers can also be supplied giving you a USB or RS-232 interface and models can be customised including a change of mechanical size, screen printing, masking and logos.