At Manuco Electronics, we support a broad range of Digital Signage Solutions for businesses across Australia. Our digital sign options include commercial LCD monitors and video walls, Outdoor LCD Monitors, Digital Kiosks, Interactive LCDs, and hospitality and hotel televisions.

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Commercial LCD Monitors And Videowall Monitors

The range of commercial lcd monitors we offer from Sharp, Philips and Litemax are suited to a wide range of applications and installations.
Sizes start from 32” up to 98” with specialised models such as interactive whiteboards with touchscreen capability and ultra narrow bezel video wall monitors to build up large scale digital displays. Higher brightness models are also available for digital signage installations in high ambient environments such as shopping centres and airports. Litemax have a range of ultra wide aspect ratio displays which suit installation into areas with limited height such as above fridge advertising and on public transport.

We also offer Sharp monitors that are built with 24/7 durability, with the added bonus of customised software packages. Making it easy for you to create, schedule and display specific content. Customised content allows you to target different audiences at the right time. We also have a variety of LCD controllers that you can pair with your monitor. Our high-end controllers can be combined with almost any brand. Explore our range here.


Outdoor Monitors And High Brightness LCD Monitors

Hyundai’s range of IP65 / IP66 outdoor displays represent state of the art display technology for any outdoor environment. Thanks to special anti-reflection laminated glass and fitted with an intelligent cooling and heating system, the outdoor displays are well prepared for any weather condition. The smart designs ensure you have a readable and reliable display in sunlight without a blackening effect occurring. The majority of our outdoor display screens are designed to operate 24 hours, 365 days a year. Therefore, having no external buttons and accessible screws on our displays, we prevent any unwanted tampering. Sizes are available in 32″, 46″ and 55″ for a wall-mountable display. For a free-standing kiosk, sizes are available up to 75″.

For use in a behind window or high ambient environment type application, we have a range of high brightness monitors starting from 32″ up to 75+” for use in portrait and landscape orientations. These monitors allow you to simply upload and copy any desired content by plugging in a USB. Photos and videos of your choice can be uploaded to play on a continuous loop throughout the day.
For more information on our high brightness and outdoor monitors, please see our solutions page here.

For more information on the new Q series outdoor LCD monitor with an all-glass front / zero bezel design, please click here.

AUO dual side

Digital LCD Kiosks

We offer standard and custom purpose-built LCD kiosks to suit a wide range of installations for indoor and outdoor applications, depending on your requirements. Designed for 24/7 use, this kiosk has protective glass to avoid any cracks or breakages. We also offer the supply of a ready to go media player for your kiosk, easily allowing you to take advantage of its dual sided feature.

You can choose to upload mirrored or different content for either side of your kiosk display, this is so you can choose how you’d like to target both your entering and exiting customers. If you’re looking for a boost of customer engagement, the kiosk also has the option of a camera on both sides. Standard sizes start from 32″ and are available up to 75″. For more information on our Ultra slim dual sided 55″ kiosk, please click here.


Hospitality & Hotel Televisions

The latest generation of hospitality and hotel TVs goes far beyond best-in-class picture and sound quality. They offer unique features that include cloud-based applications while focusing on convenience and total cost of ownership for hotels and hospitality related clients. An attractive feature installed in our Philips television is that it allows you to customise and connect your businesses website page to the television. Another attractive feature of the Phillips TV for buyers, is that it is designed to enhance and entertain.

Your guests will be able to browse multiple apps and use the smart mobile connectivity. This allows guests to connect any media apps from their smartphone straight to their hotel television, giving them a next level hotel experience. You can also upgrade and update your venue’s televisions remotely and whenever needed with its accessible remote management and maintenance feature. 

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Commercial LCD Monitors

Hyundai's range of high brightness LCD monitors

For more information on Hyundai's range of high brightness LCD monitors, please click for more information.

Philips' range of commercial LCD monitors

For more information on Philips' range of commercial LCD monitors, please download the attached catalogue. This includes the cost effective Q-Line series incorporating Ambilight and the E-Line series designed for 24/7 operation in landscape and portrait.

Sharp's range of commercial LCD monitors

For more information on Sharp's range of commercial LCD monitors, please download the attached catalogue. This includes the PNY, PNU and PNR series of monitors including up to 90", higher brightness 700nit and 24/7 operation options.

Litemax Spanpixel wide aspect ratio monitors

For more information on Litemax's range of Spanpixel wide aspect ratio LCD monitors, please download the attached catalogue. These are well suited to installations where there is limited space and are also available in high brightness options suited to high ambient environments.

Philips U-Line 98" Ultra HD commercial monitor

Experience your signage solutions like never before thanks to the Ultra large BDL9870EU with four times the resolution of a conventional full HD display. Designed for 24/7 operation and suitable for portrait and landscape mounting.

Outdoor displays and Marine grade monitors

Hyundai Outdoor displays

For more information on Hyundai's range of outdoor wall mountable and free standing kiosk displays, please click for more information.

Navpixel Marine display series

For more information on the Navpixel range of Marine grade (IP65, sunlight readable, touchscreen) range of displays, please download the attached brochure.

Videowall Monitors

Philips X-Line series videowall monitors

Philips' X-Line series of videowall monitors are available in 47 and 55" and suited for portrait and landscape orientation. The BDL5588XL features ultra narrow bezels of 2.3 and 1.2mm.

Interactive Whiteboards / Touchscreen LCD Monitors

Sharp PN series touchscreen monitors

Sharp's range of large touchscreen monitors / interactive monitors are well suited for classroom and boardroom type installations. Sizes start from 60" and now include the 80" PN80TC3, featuring a zero bezel capacitive touchscreen and 10 point simultaneous touch.

Hospitality Televisions

Philips' range of hospitality televisions

For more information on Philips' range of hospitality televisions, please download the attached catalogue.

Media Players

Digital View Viewstream series media players

For more information on Digital View's range of solid state media players, please contact us. This includes the popular VS-500 which supports full HD and is designed for 24/7 operation. Free software is included for playlist creation and scheduling.

Digital View PopStyle LCD players

For more information on Digital View's range of PopStyle media players, please download the attached brochure. The PopStyle players are available in 10.1, 15.6 and 23" and have a solid state media player integrated into the display.