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Communicate up to date information to passengers across all modules of transport with our range of digital screens. Purpose built for long term reliability and performance, you can be sure to deliver clear and easy to read messages at locations including train stations, bu interchanges and tram stops
Delivering information and timetables to passengers with a clear and easy to read display, our range of Hyundai IT outdoor LCD display are designed and built for maximum performance.
Besides having an outdoor industrial grade LCD module with high brightness (2,500nits / 3,00nits), standard features such as anti-reflective coatings, smart cooling and thermal management ensure long term reliability.
Available in a range of sizes and formats for flexibility with installation position and mounting.
Built with weatherproof IP65 / IP66 ratings making them suitable from indoor to full outdoor, unsheltered installations in the elements.
Optional PCAP touch to add a level of interactivity for wayfinding type applications
Installation locations include underground and above ground train stations and platforms, bus and tram stops and ferry terminals.
Applications include displaying up to date timetables, travel information and alerts, interactive wayfinding and route planning.
Here at Manuco Electronics we also offer customised display solutions. Whether you’re having issues with existing products
or looking for a long term replacement, please contact us.
In this case the displays were upgraded from desktop security monitors to custom metal chassis monitors with high brightness
and IP rated for protection.

Our hyundai IT range of monitors and kiosks are trusted and used by transport networks locally and overseas. Including Australia, Canada, India, South Korea, Turkey and the USA

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