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Openframe and Panel Mount LCD Displays

Our openframe and panelmount LCD display monitors allow for easy integration. Whether you are looking to design a new digital display or want to add an extra screen to your current production / installation, we can help you.

We make it easy for our clients. Essentially, all the display electronics are integrated in a semi assembled chassis making it ready for immediate use. All that is required, is your input signal, power and integration into your enclosure, case or kiosk. For a ready to use solution with protective glass or touchscreen in front of the LCD, we have a range of panel mount and chassis mount monitors. For outdoor and factory environments, these monitors are available with IP65 (front only) or IP66/67 fully water and dust resistant.

Open frame and panel mount LCD monitors are suited to a wide range of applications including public spaces and building entrances (information kiosks), factory automation and machinery, Quick Service Restaurants QSR (digital menu boards), bus shelters and train stations (timetable and information displays) and retail shopfronts (digital signage advertising).

Our other specialised displays such as stretch screen LCDs (ultra wide aspect ratio) and high brightness window displays are also available in an open frame format giving you a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Available with a range of options including:

Display size: 6.5″, 7″, 8.4″, 10.4″, 12.1″, 15″, 15.6″, 17″, 19″, 21.5″…
                           32″, 46″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″ (4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios)
Input source: AV, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, HDSDI, built in PC
Panel type: Standard, Wide temperature, High brightness,
Symmetrical viewing angles (for portrait use)
Touchscreen: Resistive, Projected Capacitive, Protection glass
Sensors: Light sensor, Auto dimming, Temperature, Motion
IP rating: IP65 (front only), IP66/IP67 fully water and dust resistant
Power input: DC plug pack, AC input, Power over Ethernet POE
Other options: Optical bonding (read more here), laminated and protective glass, Audio
Mounting type: Openframe, Chassis mount, Panelmount, Rack mount

Recommended options:

Outdoor kiosk integration (into a payment/info/self-service kiosk):

High brightness and wide temperature LCD panel, Auto brightness sensor,
Optical bonding with laminated glass, IP65 rated front,
Panel mount with extended bezel to make water tight seal with cutout in kiosk.

If you’re after a custom solution, let us know your requirements such as the size and operating environment. Our team will be more than happy to put forward a solution tailored to you.