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Commercial LCD Monitors and Video Wall Monitors

Manuco supplies an extensive line of commercial LCD monitors and video wall monitors, Australia wide. We offer only from the best brands such as Sharp, Hyundai, Philips and Litemax. All of our commercial LCD screens are designed to maximise content quality and effect. They are suited to a wide range of applications and installations.
The commercial LCD and video wall display monitors we supply, are matched to the unique demands of different environments. We provide dynamic digital signage solutions that are perfect in various commercial set ups, like shopping centres, hospitality establishments, transport hubs or even schools.

The standard range of commercial LCD display monitor sizes, start from 32” up to 98” screens. Specialised models such as interactive whiteboards, with touch screen capability, and ultra narrow bezel video wall monitors are available. These can be used to build up large-scale digital displays, also known as video walls.

We only offer the best solutions for all types of commercial LCD display screen installations. From simple installations, outdoor screens, high brightness and more. Our team also have also installed amazing video walls for many large corporate clients.

High brightness models are available for installation into high ambient environments, these include shopping centres and airports. Our commercial LCD display monitor range is unmatched in Australia. Here are some of the commercial monitor brands we stock and customise below.

Litemax Spanpixel Resizing LCD

Litemax has their range of ultra wide aspect ratio displays which suit installation into areas with limited height. This could be above fridge advertising or smaller areas on public transport. With Litemax commercial LCD monitors, you can now display and spread out your information wherever you want.

Hyundai High Brightness Window Display

Hyundai’s commercial LCD window monitors offer fast, clear display and outstanding design technology. Their large size monitors allow for a better view of content played back.

Philips Digital Signage Solutions

Philips offers a range of unique commercial LCD display collection with customisable solutions to meet specific requirements. Their focus is to bring success to your business and improved audience satisfaction. They make it easy to ensure the right message is shown at exactly the right time to the right people.

Sharp Commercial Touch Screen LCD

Sharp commercial LCD touchscreen monitors are designed for maximum impact. Built for 24/7 durability, they offer versatile management software packages that let you create, schedule, distribute and display a wide range of content easily.

We also have available high-end LCD Controllers that can be employed in combination with most of the brands offered at Manuco.

Please contact us for more information and pricing on our commercial LCD monitor range or for more commercial video wall product information.