LCD Controller cardsManuco Electronics trusts only the best brands when it comes to LCD controller cards and accessories. For twenty years, Digital View has been consistently one of the best and the leading LCD controller developer, manufacturer and solution provider for application display systems. Nothing beats Digital View when it comes to LCD controller cards and accessories. They pioneered the development of specialty LCD interface controllers created especially by highly skilled, well-trained and passionate engineering team with customisation and support services made like no other. Digital View offers a wide range of accessories to complement core products.

LCD Controller Cards and accessories are designed to be easily and efficiently incorporated into the LCD screens that are commonly used in vending, gaming, ticketing, kiosks, POS, avionics, hospitality, digital display signage and other applications available. Manuco Electronics offers LCD controller cards and accessories to meet all budgets and promises to deliver only the best brands available.


Digital View

  • Provides the engineering expertise and technological bridge to the changes and future trends within the industry.
  • Brings cost effective products to market, so companies don’t have to develop the expertise themselves while focusing on meeting their own goals.
  • Reduces time to market and increases ROI.
  • QC – 100% production testing with QA verification.
  • Meets MIL standards and UL, CUL, CE, TUV safety and compliance criteria


ALR-1400 V2

  • Interface controller for cost-effective applications
  • High reliability monitor applications


SVX-1920v3 High-Resolution Controller

Key Features:

  • DVI, HDMI (1.4), VGA (DB15)
  • Component
  • LVDS
  • 10-Bit, 1920 x 1200 WUXGA @60Hz
  • Image Flip (Horizontal & Vertical)
  • RS-232, Ethernet Control, I2C
  • Custom Conformal Coating


The SVX-1920v3 provides analogue and digital connection from a wide selection of TFT LCD panels up to WUXGA resolution for a fully buffered multi-sync interface controller. It is a true 10-bit board that gives 10-bit colour on a 10-bit panel and the board features full screen image expansion function. It is part of Digital View’s “Professional Class” video controller family featuring advanced capabilities, support and custom development paths for OEM clients.

Digital View has a wide range of industrial LCD controller cards that clients can choose from to suit any LCD module. With the range of accessories Digital View offers, Manuco Electronics can provide clients with a complete plug and play solution.
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