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Ultra Slim Dual Sided LCD Kiosk

The ultra slim two sided LCD kiosk features two 55″ LCDs which have been built into one ultra slim module. Screen printed, protective glass is also added to both sides of the display to give it a clean look as well as for protection of the display in public installations.

All this is achieved with a kiosk display thickness of 40mm*.

  • Designed for 24/7 operation.

  • Industrial grade LCD module and controller card hardware.
  • MVA technology for a wide viewing angle, making it clearly visible from all directions.
  • Protective glass over displays for public installations.

  • 700nits brightness for displays on both sides
  • Indoor to Semi-Outdoor applications / high ambient environments


There are limitless applications for using the dual sided 55” kiosks as information and advertising displays in locations such as shopping centres and retail stores, hotels and gaming.

The most common installation is for use behind shopfront windows with one side displaying content to attract customers and the other side displaying more store and product information.

In a hotel lobby or walkway type installation, you can display different content to traffic coming into the building and exiting.

As the kiosk has a small footprint, it can be made portable for use outside stores and with the dual back to back screens, engages traffic from both directions.


The kiosk features VGA and HDMI inputs for your own PC/media player however if you wanted a ready to go solution, we can supply a media player ready for you to load your own content.

Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Dual set of inputs – for displaying different content on each side of the display.

Single input – mirroring the display to show the same content on each side using one input source.

Camera – option to add cameras to both sides of the display, for customer engagement systems.

Custom colours and addition of logos on the kiosks.

LED strip lighting – for added attraction.

Custom kiosk designs

*This thickness is based on a standard kiosk with protective glass on both sides of the display and is measured at the display area. Depending on the kiosk design and added features, the thickness will vary. The original TFT LCD module used is 19.6mm thick.