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Outdoor Digital Displays                                          

Hyundai IT’s range of Outdoor Displays

Specifically designed and built for outdoor digital signage installations. Whether it’s direct sunlight or exposure to the elements, our displays can handle it all with their smart weatherproof design and rugged build. They are perfect for installation in places such as bus shelters and train stations as passenger information displays, quick service restaurants as digital menu boards, public spaces and shopping centres for outdoor advertising. With smart design and included features, you can rely on our outdoor displays for long term performance and reliability.

The standard range is available in a H series – Portrait oriented, floor mount kiosk and also the

Q series – Landscape and portrait, wall mount monitor with an All Glass Front / Zero Bezel design.  There are sizes to suit all installations  and range from 24″ to 86″ with the option of PCAP touch for interactivity.

Not all outdoor displays are built the same

A true outdoor digital display starts with the LCD module used inside. Besides having a high brightness display, it is equally important to use an outdoor grade LCD module which has been designed and tested to the original LCD manufacturer’s specifications. Some features include the incorporation of a Quarter Wave Plate (QWP) or circular polariser to eliminate the blackout effect when viewers wear polarised glasses, particularly outdoors. In addition, a High TNi 110ºdeg Liquid Crystal is used in manufacture to be able to withstand high surface temperatures. For instance, when the display is exposed to direct sunlight.
The front protective glass should resist vandalism and the display’s housing as a whole should be weatherproof and rugged to withstand damage.
Above all, try to avoid putting standard monitors into weatherproof enclosures and contact us for a high performing, durable and long term outdoor digital display.

Below are some of the key features of Hyundai It’s range of outdoor displays



46" outdoor LCD monitor for rail timetable

                                                                                  Key Outdoor Features

IP65 rating detail

All weather capable display with IP (Ingress Protection) rating.
The IP65 (wall mount monitor) and IP66 (kiosk) ratings provide full protection against dust and water projection from all sides.

Built in intelligent heating and cooling with a smart automatic air looped circulation system, without the need for an air conditioner (reduced power consumption, noise pollution and maintenance costs).

Anti vandal glass (laminated tempered glass) for protection from extreme environmental conditions and impacts to the display.

Hyundai IT kiosk comparison

High Contrast / High Brightness 2,000/2,500/3,000 nits LCD to give you a clear image, even in direct sunlight.

High TNi 110ºdeg Liquid Crystal to prevent blackouts typically caused by overheating. i.e direct sunlight.

AR coated anti vandal glass to reduce reflections, resulting in a clearer image.

Auto Brightness Sensor to adjust the backlight brightness of the monitor automatically according to the ambient light. As a result, this feature considerably reduces power consumption and increases the monitor’s lifetime.

Portrait kiosk opening
Monitor front door opening

Front door access with lock for both wall mount monitor and kiosk models for easy setup and maintenance.

Allocated space and power cord for addition of a media player / NUC.

External USB access from the rear for external control or updating content on your media player / mini PC.

Option for LAN and HDMI waterproof connectors.

IR remote control to easily change monitor settings.

Touchscreen functionality as an additional option.

                                                                                 Outdoor Installations
                                Below are photos of some of our Outdoor Digital Signage installations featuring the H series portrait kiosk and Q series mountable monitor.

75" Outdoor Kiosk shopping centre
55" Outdoor Menuboard
46" Outdoor PID Timetable Display
55" Touchscreen Kiosk
55" Outdoor Monitor Public Zoo
46" Outdoor Sports Stadium Arena Signage
55" Outdoor Menu Board for Restaurant
37" Dual Sided Outdoor Timetable Display


Contact us today

The use of truly weatherproof screens in outdoor or semi outdoor areas is essential. If you are going to invest in outdoor signage displays that will be exposed to the elements, feel free to contact us. Not all outdoor displays are built the same and we will be happy to to provide guidance and recommendations.

If you need more information on our outdoor signage screens or any other products, simply contact us today.