Manuco ElectroManuco Electronicsnics brings you a whole new range of colour industrial LCD monitors and modules from the following brands: Sharp, AUO and Litemax. Colour LCD modules or a TFT LCD display is a variant of an LCD that uses thin film transistor technology to enhance image quality on display. TFT LCD module is used in so many appliances like television, computer monitors, tablets, mobile phones, touchscreens, IPD displays, high resolution displays and other electronic gadgets or devices.

Choose from a wide range of LCD modules available from Manuco Electronic’s website, applications ranging from industrial appliances to large digital signage displays. Sizes start from 2.4” up to 90” with specialised models such as for use in video walls with narrow bezel, signage kiosks (thin dual sided) and outdoor signage (high brightness, high Tni). For customised specifications such as brightness and mechanical size, please contact Manuco Electronics to discuss options available.

TFT LCD ModulesTFT LCD module is one way to help a person see the contrast clearly and accurately. This type of technology enhances TFT LCD display to showcase rich colours, clear images and bright graphics ideal for industrial, school set up, stadiums, medical and consumer applications.

The following are brands available at Manuco Electronics:

AUO’s Range of TFT LCD modules

Their general display range for industrial applications range from 2.4 up to 24″ and include their ultra wide aspect ratio displays. For large size PID (use in public information displays), sizes are available up to 75″. There are specialised models for use in video walls (narrow bezel), kiosks (thin dual sided) and outdoor (high brightness) applications.

EDT’s (Emerging Display Technologies) range of TFT LCD modules

EDT offers TFT LCD modules from 1.8″ to 21.5″ with options for added touchscreen overlay, optical bonding and integration with an embedded controller for an all in one solution.
Besides TFT LCD, EDT also have their own range of STN Character and Graphic displays.

Sharp’s range of TFT LCD modules

For more information on Sharp’s range of LCD modules for industrial appliances, large digital signage displays and pixel memory LCDs, please visit this link and go to DOWNLOADS.

Manuco Custom Models

For any custom specification, brightness, mechanical size, please feel free to visit the website and contact us.