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Philips Hospitality TV

Philips TV delivers their all new improved hospitality and hotel television series designed to enhance guest experience like never before. For forty years, Philips TV is the leading technology that offers modern solutions in hospitality and hotel entertainment ideal for display.

Their innovative solutions are used in most establishments around the world, these establishments such as hotel chains, sports stadium, cruise liners, detention centers and healthcare facilities are not your ordinary facilities. They take pride in the standards and quality of products they offer and Philips TV is without a doubt the number one choice in hospitality and hotel TV entertainment worldwide.

Philips TV latest generation of hospitality and hotel TV’s goes far beyond in class picture and sound quality. One of its features includes cloud-based applications, unique only to Philips TV. They focus more on convenience and total cost of ownership and are dedicated (always and forever) to the highest quality standards and operational excellence for hotel and hospitality related clients everywhere. It is evident that Philips TV sticks to their commitment of excellence in everything they do.



  • Allows you to customize information for guests even in offline mode, once online it automatically links to the hotel website/server.
  • Free for use and accessible remote TV management and maintenance. Lets you preconfigure TV settings and upgrade TV’s on a PC from a remote location. No need to enter a guest room in order to upgrade or update.
  • Guests can play their media from any smart mobile device on the TV in their hotel room. They can even choose the app, connect and play right away.

Now you can give your guests a number of apps to use during the entire duration of their stay; a good way to keep them entertained all throughout the day.


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