Our open frame LCD display monitors allow for easy integration. Whether you are looking to design a new digital display or want to add an extra screen to your current installation, we can help you.

We make it easy for our clients. Essentially, all the display electronics are integrated onto the back of the open frame LCD monitor, or in a semi assembled chassis making it ready for immediate use. All that is required, is your input signal, power and integration into your enclosure, case or kiosk. This makes our range of open frame touch screens very easy to set up and manage.

Open frame LCD monitors are suited to a wide range of applications including public spaces and building entrances (information kiosks), Quick Service Restaurants QSR (digital menu boards), bus shelters and train stations (timetable and information displays) and retail shopfronts (digital signage advertising).

Our other specialised displays such as stretch screen LCDs (ultra wide aspect ratio) and high brightness window displays are also available in an open frame format giving you a wider range of indoor and outdoor applications.

Custom Open Frame LCD Screens

If you’re after a custom solution, let us know your requirements such as the size and operating environment. Our team will be more than happy to put forward a solution. Our  custom open frame LCD monitors can also be configured for use with a Digital View LCD Controller. This often provides a better administration of its interface.

We offer a wide range of options including high brightness LCDs, optical bonding, touchscreens, custom mounting/metalwork and additional inputs. Click here to discover the advantages of optical bonding and how it can enhance the sunlight readability of an open frame display monitor.

Please contact us for more information on the open frame LCD screens we supply, including sizes available, specifications and drawings.

Manuco Openframe LCD Solutions

Available in a wide range of sizes including:

6.5" openframe

800nits, 640x480, VGA

15" openframe

300nits, 1024x768, VGA, HDMI and Displayport

17" openframe

350nits, 800nits, 1000nits, 1280x1024, VGA and DVI

17.3" openframe

400nits, 1920x1080, VGA, HDMI and Displayport

19" openframe

400nits, 1440x900, VGA

21.5" openframe

250nits, 400nits, 1000nits, 1920x1080, VGA and DVI

24" openframe

250nits, 1920x1080, VGA and DVI

32" openframe

LYNX-32FHD, 350nits, 400nits, VGA and HDMI

46" openframe

LYNX-46FHD, 500nits, 700nits, VGA and HDMI

55" openframe

LYNX-55FHD, 700nits, 1000nits, 2500nits, DVI HDMI and Displayport

65" openframe

350nits, 450nits, 1920x1080, 3840x2160, VGA DVI and HDMI

70" openframe

MANUCO 70-FHD, 700nits, 2500nits, VGA DVI and HDMI

Additional Options:

Additional sizes, High brightness, Optical bonding, Touchscreen (resistive, projected capacitive) Custom mounting/metalwork, input connectors, thermal management kit solution

Litemax Durapixel and Spanpixel range

High brightness openframe LCDs starting from 6.5" with options for touchscreen and optical bonding

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