Guardian kiosk x2Introducing the GUARDIAN by Hyundai IT, an all in one LCD kiosk for automatic Facial Temperature Detection with alerts and signage capability.
Designed with a high level of performance and accuracy to help stop the spread of illness and viruses, the GUARDIAN is well suited for setup in high traffic and places which require temperature monitoring. These can include Workplace and Office building entrances, Schools, Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Cinemas and Transport Hubs such as Airports and Train Stations.

It features a commercial grade 500nits (46″) / 700nits (55″) LCD for clear viewability/readability in higher ambient environments and is protected by tempered glass.
The Thermographic Turret Camera with high sensitivity and efficiency, automatically scans up to 30 people in real time and only responds to human faces. It is smart enough to detect other heated objects such as coffee cups.
Visitors can also check their own facial temperature individually and when not critical, the kiosk can be switched to signage/advertising mode.

This all in one kiosk simultaneously checks for facial temperature, mask wearing, facial recognition and works as an information display.



Turret camera

Thermographic Turret Camera with high sensitivity and high efficiency measuring in real time.
-Simultaneous tracking of up to 30 faces.
-Temperature and facial recognition.
-Temperature range of 30 – 45C, accuracy of +- 0.5C
-Not affected by the weather






On screen information and alerts.
-Detects faces only, not affected by other heated objects
-Real time on screen alerts
-Mask detection
-Content can easily be changed and emergency notice displayed on the LCD kiosk.








See it in action below:


Click to download the datasheets below:

G46ESNG: 46″ Temperature Scanning Kiosk
G55ESNG: 55″ Temperature Scanning Kiosk