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D Series High Brightness Window Displays

Introducing the D series high brightness window displays from Hyundai IT
With shared features from the outdoor LCD monitors..
Industrial grade LCD module with sunlight readable 2,500nits, high TNi 110ºdeg Liquid Crystal for prevention against blackouts and viewable with polarised glasses.

Built for 24hr / 7 day use with automatic brightness and fan cooling.

Suitable for both Portrait and Landscape mounting.
Built in clock with timer to give you the option of setting the monitor to turn on and off automatically at a certain time.
Videowall tiling mode to automatically expand your image over multiple displays.
Built in USB playback and High Fidelity SPDIF audio output.

Currently available in 32″, 46″, 55″, 65″ and 75″.

D325MN: 32″ with 2,000nits brightness
D467MN: 46″ with 2,500nits brightness
D557MN: 55″ with 2,500nits brightness
D657MN: 65″ with 2,500nits brightness
D757MN: 75″ Ultra HD with 3,000nits brightness

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