Here at Manuco Electronics, we offer a wide range of Digital Signage Solutions services for businesses around Australia, specifically in Melbourne. Our operations are based in Thomastown, Melbourne, and although we have a lot of Melbourne patrons, we’re also open to customers from all over Australia and New Zealand.

As a company established in 1987, we have proudly represented Sharp for almost 35 years now, serving all kinds of clients from start-up operations, small and large private firms, and publicly listed companies.

Our convenient location for Melbourne customers, transactions, consultations, and other services will be quick and efficient.

Our Team

We take pride in our sales team, and other employees experienced in the field and are trained, electronic engineers. They are more than competent in their craft, and they will help you solve your problems with the right advice and products.

Our Products and Services

As a Sharp distributor, we have various Commercial LCD Monitors, Video Walls, Outdoor LCD Monitors, Digital Kiosk, Interactive LCDs, and other Digital Signages.

Because of this wide variety, we’re sure we can help you find what fits your needs and your budget. Regardless of our customer’s size or buying capacity, we will be serving our customers to the best of our abilities.

Commercial LCD Monitors

We offer an extensive array of Commercial LCD Monitors from notable trustworthy brands like Sharp, Philips, and Litemax. Our sizes begin from 32” up to 98” with varying specifications to suit a wide range of applications and installations that our clients may need.

We have simple Commercial LCD Monitors that only provide a display for clients with basic needs and a tight budget. We also have higher brightness models for those that need digital signage in relatively bright-lit areas like malls, shopping centres, or airports.

To add to that, our clients with extensive needs can also get ahold of our specialised models. These include our interactive whiteboards with touchscreen capability and ultra-narrow bezel Video Wall Monitors that allow establishments to build up large-scale digital displays.

Outdoor Monitors

Our clients require more durable monitors capable of the high-resolution display, and we have Outdoors Monitors that can withstand several environmental factors.

Hyundai has a range of IP65 / IP66 Outdoor Monitors that currently claim the crown among outdoor display monitors for their state-of-the-art display technology. Alongside this is their special anti-reflection laminated glass with a fitted intelligent cooling and heating system.

The Outdoor Monitors are available in 32”, 46”, and 55” for wall-mountable displays. Our free-standing kiosk types are available up to 75”.

High Brightness Monitors

High Ambient Environment and Behind Window signages require increased brightness capabilities, and we have monitors that provide exactly that. Our high brightness monitors come in a range of sizes starting from 32” up to 75” and even higher for use in portrait or landscape orientations.

We have Hyundai Sunlight Readable LCD screens that give you a clear image even when in direct sunlight. They’re designed for 24/7 display, and the high TNI 110 Liquid Crystal prevents blackouts in the LCD that are often caused by overheating when exposed to direct sunlight.

Digital LCD Kiosk

Besides our wide selection of standard LCD kiosks that start at 32” up to 75”, we offer custom-built LCD kiosks for clients with specific needs.

Our latest Digital LCD for Kiosks is the Ultra Slim Dual Sided 55” explicitly built for signages. Like our High Brightness Monitors, it’s also designed for 24/7 display and has protective glass, industrial-grade hardware, and excellent cooling.

Hospitality and Hotel Televisions

Our latest generation of hospitality and hotel TVs is top of the line in display and sound quality. Our TVs come with unique features like cloud-based applications, accessible remote TV management and maintenance, and even intelligent mobile device screen sharing for the convenience of hotels, other clients, and their guests.